MORADA- Haute Furniture Boutique is a furniture and design brand with a couture sense - tailor-made in Italy to the highest quality standards. Our collections seamlessly combine luxurious designs, sumptuous materials and natural elements in a sensual fusion for a contemporary cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The founders - Fernan Hernandez and Holger Odenstein - see design as an artistic, human articulation transforming a space into a personalized ambience that you experience with all your senses.
Each of our exclusive pieces tell a story and are the cast to create elegant dwellings that move us, make us passionate and let us dream as humans.

Designed to maximum sophistication and comfort, all items in our collections can be customized in dimensions, configurations and materials to your personal style and requirements - the essence of haute furniture couture.

We truly believe in delivering the highest quality in products with impeccable details hand-crafted in Italy where the craft of building furniture has a tradition that generated the most dedicated, skilled and diligent artificers. High-grade european woods, nobel metals and precious italian leathers and fabrics are carefully assembled to unique pieces for timeless indulgence.


is a creative, restless and perfectionist architect and furniture designer who graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (Caracas). He knows how to canalize the curiosity for life into design innovation with his unique artistic sense that made him the winner of several furniture design prices as "Furniture Designer of the Year" and awards for his "global collections". The originality and sensitivity of his designs make him the creative head behind MORADA-Haute Furniture Boutique.


is a meticulous, dedicated and mindful German with an international business degree from the European Business School (Germany), the ESC de Dijon (France) and the American Graduate School Thunderbird (USA). His extensive experience with the leading European luxury fashion brands, his relentless search for innovation and excellence and as a connoisseur of high-end design, his vision for luxury furniture fuels the idea of MORADA-Haute Furniture Boutique.